Our law firm helps clients develop estate plans and helps family members through the probate-administration process.  We work to learn the individual needs and desires of each client and help craft an estate plan to address those needs.

The Benefits of Estate Planning

Estate planning is the area of law that deals with methods of protecting your property and planning for your future, but its true value is that it gives you the opportunity to protect your loved ones and to administer your assets according to your true desires. Estate plans are very personal, and no two estate plans are the same. We work hard to listen to our clients so as to understand their goals, and we then draft and create each estate plan based on the needs of the individual client.

What Estate Plans Include

Estate planning will often include wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and advanced health-care directives, but they also can include planning for incapacity. Often, planning for a loved one will involve how to safeguard that person’s assets after age or another incapacity makes it difficult or impossible for that person to manage his or her own assets.

The First Step of Estate Planning

The first step in creating your new estate plan is to sit down with one of our attorneys to discuss where you are now and how you want us to help you plan for your and your family’s future. Contact us today at (503) 990-7260 to begin planning for yourself and your loved ones.